Distrokid Blog 1

We last left off with things up in the air. I’m happy to report that all is more, or less well now.

The album I submitted, Shiny Side Down, was finally accepted after 19 hours. It wasn’t the 2-4 hours they claimed it would be, but still acceptable.

Since Distrokid allows unlimited submission of songs, I uploaded another song. This one was also flagged for manual review. Once again, it wasn’t approved in 2-4 hours, but it was approved in less than a day.

The album and song took a lot longer to appear on iTunes, Google, and elsewhere than they said was to be expected. (Spotify was about right, but it’s still not on Amazon) I understand that this is out of their hands, but I do wonder if the time frames they claim are normal for the music to go live is accurate.  I’ll know more as I submit more music.

So, my music is (mostly) where I wanted it to be in less than a week for $20. Good enough for me.  As of now, I’m giving it 8 out 10. It’s cheap and it works.

In Blog 3, I’ll report on payments and other developments.